Basic information and description

The Bellevue Living residence is sustainably designed and is tailor-made for a modern, urban lifestyle which attracts millennials, couples who appreciate quality time, as well as modern families and active seniors. In any case, your view should be attracted by the following facts: We ensured that your new home is at a historical location in Stara Šiška, opposite the green oasis of Tivoli Park and just a stone’s throw from the city centre. Although your home is an apartment, this should not be a restriction. Each unit has some open space, thus offering comfort usually enjoyed by residents of houses in the midst of the city. We creatively designed the mezzanine and offer our residents a green space, a garden where they can relax, chat in peace while blithely leaving their children to play and to their imagination on a neatly landscaped playground. The garden will surely also be a big joy for your beloved pets. You don’t feel like cooking today? No problem, the restaurant below has a great selection. Otherwise, you can even go and purchase everything you need for a delicious meal and your basic needs in your slippers. Bellevue Living has shops offering basic supplies. Should you, however, decide that today is the day to indulge in a gourmet meal, the covered shopping street with a covered square in the centre awaits you. The two-storey underground car park ensures sufficient parking places and easy access. The parking garage also offers places for charging electric cars.

Technical information

The apartments will be furnished with state-of-the-art systems to ensure a quality living environment. The low-temperature underfloor heating system will provide a favourable ambient temperature and will also be used for cooling. Each apartment will be equipped with an individual heat station that will allow residents to regulate temperature according to their needs. Hot water will be supplied by an energy-saving heat exchanger, eliminating the need for large and awkward storage tanks. A central ventilation system will ensure an uninterrupted supply of fresh air without having to open the windows. The central ventilation system will also provide living quarters with purified and dehumidified air and discharge exhaust air through the service areas (bathroom, lavatory, utility room). The ventilation unit will be upgraded with a heat exchanger to provide energy-efficient ventilation, ensuring that the apartment is always pleasantly fresh and invigorating. Thoughtfully designed electrical and communication installations will serve to enhance the residential experience. Light fittings will allow the residents to install lighting of their choice, and there will be adequate electrical sockets to eliminate the need for extension cords. Depending on the wishes of the residents, the apartments will be equipped with wired or wireless connections. Because the installations will be in the service of the residents and not the other way around, they will only feature intelligence to the extent that has been proven through experience to be practical and meaningful.

Materials and equipment

The dwellings were meticulously planned with a variety of modern interior designs and options on offer. We use highest quality materials from various manufacturers, such as Gessi, Florim, Antnio Lupi and others, whose broad range of products, styles and solutions have introduced a new philosophy to the home environment and provide unlimited freedom in design, cutting-edge technology and distinctive Italian craftmanship.